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Activation Consultants

Approximately 75% of all Organisational Change Management programs fail, largely because employees lack the awareness, desire, knowledge and skills to adopt new systems and procedures.

DXN Solutions is highly regarded for their ability and experience in helping organisations overcome the barriers to successful change initiatives.


With a direct and engaging approach DXN Solutions offers vision, clarity and support to the organisation, its leaders and its people through the transition from the current way of operating to the future state.

We understand that poorly planned changes can contribute significantly to poor organisational health, including decreased morale, stress, deteriorating performance and team synergy, as well as absenteeism and increased employ turnover.

As such, we utilise a range of strategies, processes and tools to develop engaging and change capable leaders, support human transition through change, fast-track team cohesion, and establish a positive workplace climate and culture, both prior and subsequent to change implementation.

DXN Solutions Activation Consultants
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